Man pages for AntonelliLab/outsider
Install and run programs, outside of R, inside of R

bitbucket_repo_searchSearch for repository
bitbucket_searchSearch for outsider modules in bitbucket
bitbucket_tagsModule tags from bitbucket
github_repo_searchSearch for repository
github_searchSearch for outsider modules in GitHub
github_tagsModule tags from GitHub
gitlab_repo_searchSearch for repository
gitlab_searchSearch for outsider modules in GitLab
gitlab_tagsModule tags from GitLab
is_module_installedIs module installed?
is_outsider_readyIs outsider ready to run?
module_detailsLook up details on module(s)
module_functionsList the functions associated with a module
module_helpGet help for outsider modules
module_importImport functions from a module
module_installInstall an outsider module
module_installedWhich outsider modules are installed?
module_searchSearch for available outsider modules
module_uninstallUninstall and remove a module
outsideroutsider: Install and run programs, outside of R, inside of R
pkgnm_guessGuess package name
ssh_setupSetup SSH
ssh_teardownTeardown SSH
travis_build_statusCheck Travis build status
user_warnWarn users on the dangers of outsider modules
verbosity_setSet the verbosity of modules
yaml_fetchSafely fetch om.yaml
yaml_readModule YAML information
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