Man pages for AntonioJBT/Rpacker
Quickly Setup An R Package Using a Devtools Workflow

rpac_all_setupSetup templates and directories for an R package
rpac_codecovCreate a template for code coverage yaml file
rpac_cran_commentsCreate a text file template for CRAN submission
rpac_createWrapper for passing DESCRIPTION fields and creating a package...
rpac_dependenciesAdd packages to DESCRIPTION
rpac_functionCreate a template for a function in roxygen2 style
rpac_gitignoreCreate a .gitignore file template
rpac_rbuildignoreCreates a .Rbuildignore template file
rpac_readmeGenerates a README template for a GitHub repository
rpac_test_templateCreate a template for a test in testthat style and add...
rpac_travisCreate a Travis-CI yaml template
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