Man pages for AntonioJBT/episcout

epi_clean_add_colname_suffixAdd a suffix to column names
epi_clean_add_rep_numAdd a replicate number to rows with repeated IDs
epi_clean_class_to_factorConvert column class to factor if unique values below cutoff
epi_clean_compare_dup_rowsCompare two rows which may be duplicated
epi_clean_compare_strCompare two strings
epi_clean_cond_chr_fctCheck if column is character or factor
epi_clean_cond_dateCheck if column is date using lubridate
epi_clean_cond_numericCheck whether column type is integer or numeric
epi_clean_count_classesGet a count of column types from a data frame
epi_clean_get_dupsGet all duplicated rows including the originals
epi_clean_make_namesCheck and correct strings which are not syntactically valid...
epi_clean_merge_nested_dfsRecursively merge data frames that are stored as lists within...
epi_clean_replace_valueReplace values with string in a column
epi_clean_spread_repeatedSpread repeated observations
epi_clean_transposeTransposes a dataframe preserving row and column names
epi_head_and_tailPrint the first few rows and last few rows of a data frame
epi_list_headPrint first few rows of each element of a list
epi_list_tailPrint the last few rows of each element of a list
epi_output_nameCreate a name for plots and files to save
epi_plot_barBarplot wrapper function using ggplot2
epi_plot_boxBoxplot wrapper function using ggplot2
epi_plot_cow_saveSave a grid of plots
epi_plot_en_masseBatch processing for plots into figures for many columns
epi_plot_grid_sizeCalculate number of plots to pass to grid for plotting
epi_plot_heatmapPlot a simple heatmap using ggplot2
epi_plot_heatmap_trianglePlot a triangle heatmap using ggplot2
epi_plot_histHistogram wrapper function using ggplot2
epi_plot_listLists to hold plots
epi_plots_to_gridSend a list of plots to a grid object
epi_plot_theme_1ggthemes for episcout
epi_plot_volcanoVolcano plot
epi_readRead files with a consistent convenience function
episcout-packageepiscout: episcout
epi_stats_corrGet a correlation matrix with p-values
epi_stats_corr_renameRename variables from melted triangles and convert to factors
epi_stats_corr_triangleGet the lower triangle from a correlation matrix
epi_utils_multicoreSetup a parallel run
epi_writeWrite files with a consistent convenience function
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