Man pages for Appsilon/
'shiny' Info

busyBusy or not
displayDisplay message on the top-right corner
dot-key_conditionCreate a JS condition for a key
dot-loader_dotsCSS/HTML code for a dots loader
dot-loader_spinnerCSS/HTML code for a spinner loader
dot-shortcut_conditionCreate a JS condition for a shortcut
get_argsAuxiliary function that returns list of arguments for parent...
git_infoGit information
info_panelCreates a panel for all info boxes so they do not overlap
infoPanelWrapper for info_panel function
info_valueUI output for info value
inspect_btn_serverInspect button server
inspect_btn_uiInspect button UI
powered_byPowered by
render_info_valueServer render function for info value
render_session_infoServer render function for rendering informations about user...
toggle_infoToggle showing info with keyboard shortcut
versionDisplay version of the app
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