Man pages for Appsilon/shiny.semantic
Semantic UI Support for Shiny

attach_ruleInternal function that creates the rule for a specific...
checkbox_positionsCheckbox positions
checkbox_typesCheckbox types
check_proper_colorCheck if color is set from Semanti-UI palette
check_semantic_themeSemantic theme path validator
create_modalAllows for the creation of modals in the server side without...
date_inputDefine simple date input with semantic ui styling
define_selection_typeDefine search type if multiple
dot-onLoadInternal function that expose javascript bindings to Shiny...
dropdownCreate dropdown Semantic UI component
get_cdn_pathGet CDN path semantic dependencies
get_default_semantic_jsGet default semantic js
get_default_semantic_themeGet default semantic css
get_dependenciesAdd dashboard dependencies to html
grapes-colon-colon-colon-grapes::: hack solution
labelCreate HTML label tag
list_elementHelper function to render list element
menu_dividerCreate Semantic UI Divider Item
menu_headerCreate Semantic UI Header Item
menu_itemCreate Semantic UI Menu Item
modalCreate Semantic UI modal
multiple_checkboxCreate Semantic UI multiple checkbox
parse_valParse the 'shiny_input' value from JSON
register_searchRegister search api url
search_fieldCreate search field Semantic UI component
search_selection_apiAdd Semantic UI search selection dropdown based on REST API
search_selection_choicesAdd Semantic UI search selection dropdown based on provided...
semanticPageSemantic UI page
semantic_paletteSemantic colors...
set_tab_idSets tab id if not provided
shiny_inputCreate universal Shiny input binding
shiny_text_inputCreate universal Shiny text input binding
show_modalShow, Hide or Remove Semantic UI modal
simple_checkboxCreate Semantic UI checkbox
slider_inputAdd Semantic UI slider component
slider_jsJava script code that allows passing slider value into shiny
SUPPORTED_THEMESSupported semantic themes
tabsetCreate Semantic UI tabs
uicardCreate Semantic UI card tag
uicardsCreate Semantic UI cards tag
uicheckboxCreate Semantic UI checkox
uidropdownCreate Semantic UI Dropdown
uifieldCreate Semantic UI field tag
uifieldsCreate Semantic UI fields tag
uiformCreate Semantic UI form tag
uiheaderCreate Semantic UI header
uiiconCreate Semantic UI icon tag
uilabelCreate Semantic UI label tag
uilistCreate Semantic UI list with header, description and icons
uimenuCreate Semantic UI Menu
uimessageCreate Semantic UI Message
uirenderRender semanticui htmlwidget
uisegmentCreate Semantic UI segment
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