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PeerPerformance (Ardia and Boudt, 20xx) is an R package for the peer-performance evaluation of financial investments with luck-correction, useful in the financial industry. In particular, it implements the peer performance ratios of Ardia and Boudt (2018) which measure the percentage of peers a focal (hedge) fund outperforms and underperforms, after correction for luck. It is useful for fund or portfolio managers to benchmark their investments or screen a universe of new funds. In addition, the package implements the testing framework for the Sharpe and modified Sharpe ratios, described in Ledoit and Wolf (2008) and Ardia and Boudt (2015).



The latest version of the package is available at


Full description of the methodologies implemented in the various functions is available in Ledoit and Wolf (2008) and Ardia and Boudt (2015, 2018).

Please cite the package in publications. Use citation("PeerPerformance").


David Ardia and Kris Boudt.


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