Man pages for ArnaudBu/ReservingLad
Reserving for Non Life Insurance

ataAge to Age factors
AtaImpactAge to Age factors impacts
BenktanderBenktander Reserving method
BootstrapMackBootstrap Mack
BornFergBornhuetter Fergusson
ChainLadderChain Ladder
ChainLadderHypVerify chain ladder hypothes
CookCook's distance
CumulateCumulates a triangle
DecumulateDecumulates a triangle
IndepMack93Mack93 independence
latestLatest Observations
Mack93VarianceMack93 variances
MackFirstHypVerify first Mack hypothesis
MackSecondHypVerify second Mack hypothesis
Payments2TriangleConverts Payments to a triangle
SettlementSettlement rate
triangleExampleEnglandEngland dataset
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