Man pages for AstraZeneca/blueprint
create models easily

acceptchainable function to access add_accepts method
available_modelsavailable models
blockblock matrix
Blueprintbase blueprint class
constcreate a constant parameter
constantschainable method to add_constants
covariate_relationshipsget covariate relationships for a parameter
fixedget whether a parameter is fixed
from_pathchainable method to set path to data file
get_residual_error_eqnget the residual error equation
hierarchieschainable method to add hierarchies
hookschainable method to add hooks
ignorechainable function to access add_ignores method
is_dirdetect if a filepath is for a directory
linkget a parameters link to a hierarchy
load_partialsload partials from a given type
load_templatesload templates
lower_boundget a parameters lower bound
model_typechainable method to specify the model type
nameget a parameters name
namesget the name of the parameter
omega_paramdiagonal values
parametercreate a parameter
parameterschainable function to access add_params method
pipePipe operator
renderchainable method to render
residual_errorchainable method to add_residual_error
sigma_paramdiagonal values
stringify_matrixreturn the scaled covariance matrix as a string to embed in a...
strip_namesstrip names from a list
updateupdate a parameters information
upper_boundget a parameters upper bound
use_templatechainable method to set template
valueget the value of a parameter
with_datachainable method to set the data
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