Man pages for Athospd/forkliftr
Smart Set of Tools to Stack Tabular Files

a_priori_delimiter_ranksA table with common file delimiters and their ranking...
count_charsAuxiliar function to count characters in a line
enum_repeated_namesEnumarate repeated names
frk_read_delimRead flat file knowing nothing about them
frk_stackStack a set of files from a instruction
frk_summariseGuess all structural characteristics of one or more flat...
frk_summarise_Guess all structural characteristics of a flat file
guessGuess structural characteristic of a flat file
raw_to_charAuxiliar function to convert vector of raws to chars
read_with_guessAuxiliar function to read file while guessing delimiter and...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
safe_readAuxiliar function to safely read lines
tide_namesTide up names to fit as column names of a data.frame
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