Man pages for AustralianAntarcticDivision/ZooScatR
ZooScatR - Acoustic Scattering of zooplankton using DWBA

besselHHankel function
bscatBackscattering model
buildposBuild shape vector of the hypothetical target
c_Coppens1981Sound speed according to Coppens et al. (1981)
c_Leroy08Compute speed of sound according to Leroy et al. (2008)
c_Mackenzie1981Sound speed according to Mackenzie et al. (1981)
createParaDatSave the parameter file
DWBAappDWBA shiny app
DWBAscat2Computes ka
generate_posRead the configuration file Keep standard dat format, as used...
Kcompressibility K
K_p0compressibility at p = 0
lambdaCalculate the acoustic wave length lambda
LegPolyCalculate Legendre Polynomial
length_aveModel output averaged over length
orient_aveaveraging over orientation
read_paraRead the configuration file
rhoSeawater Density according to UNESCO formula
rho_p0Density (rho) at normal atmospheric pressure (p = 0)
rho_smowStandard Mean Ocean Water (SMOW)
SbessjSpherical bessel function first kind
Sbessj_pDerivative of the Spherical bessel function first kind
SHankelSpherical Hankel function
SHankel_pDerivative of the Spherical Hankel function
smootherSmoothing function
SneumSpherical bessel function second kind (Neumann)
Sneum_pDerivative of the Spherical bessel function second kind
TS.inverse.simpleSimple TS inversion through minimisation of sum of squares
TS.sphereCalculate the analytical solution for a weakly scattering...
TS.sphere2Calculate the analytical solution for a weakly scattering...
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