Man pages for Avsamoht/rmo
data store for air quality measurements

airmo_wide_to_rmo_longConverts the wide format from the files to rmo long
merge_rmo_longformatMerges two dataframe in rmo long format into one
rds_get_store_fnGenerates the name of the rds file
rds_load_dataLoad data from the rds store
rds_merge_into_storeMerges data into to the rds store
rds_read_storeReads data from a rds file
rds_save_dataSaves data in rmo long format to rds store
read_airmo_csvReads an AIRMO Export in CSV Format
read_airmo_datReads an AIRMO Export in DAT Format
rmormo: rmo - data store for air quality measurements
rmo_to_openairConverts rmo to openair format
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