Man pages for Ax3man/trackr
Analyze and Visualize Tracking Data

add_relative_positionsAdd the relative positions of each pair
as_tracksThe 'tracks' object
bin_relative_positionsCount the relative positions of each pair binned on X and Y
by_trial_operationPerform an arbitrary operation with a different constant for...
calc_speed_lagCalculate pairwise speed correlation lag.
check_completeReport track completeness per trial.
collapse_identitiesCollapse multiple identies in fewer.
combine_sourcesIntegrate data from multiple tracking sources
estimate_arenaEstimate arena from tracks and reallign.
expand_tracksAdd missing components to a tracks object.
filter_.tracksReturn a subset of a tracks object with matching conditions.
find_sectionsRetrieve track sections based on conditions from multiple...
find_smallest_enclosing_circleFind smalles enclosing circle.
find_smallest_enclosing_rectFind smallest enclosing rectangle.
frame_timeConvert between frame numbers and human readable time...
ggplot_tracksggplot wrapper for tracks objects.
guppiesTracks of guppies encountering a predator model
join_tr_to_socAdd select variables from the tr table to the soc table.
mutate_socConveniently add common new variables to the 'soc' table.
mutate_trConveniently add common new variables to the 'tr' table.
mutate_.tracksAdd new variables to a tracks object.
plot_lag_corPlot lag correlations
plot_time_facetsFacet paths using time bins.
plot_tracksPlot paths
plot_tracks_quickQuickly plot a tracks object.
plot_tracks_sparklinesPlot sparklines for several track variables.
read_CtraxRead Ctrax data
read_idTrackerRead idTracker data
rect_transformGeometric transform of xy coordinates between arbitrary...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select_.tracksSelect tables from a tracks object
set_start_frameSet a new starting frame
shiny_tracksAnimate tracks object in shiny app.
smSmooth a vector using a rolling mean.
summarise_sectionsSummarize track sections.
summarise_.tracksSummarise a tracks variable to a higher table.
thin_frame_rateThin the stored frame rate of a tracks object
trigCommon functions to deal with angles.
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