Man pages for Aypak/dbhelpers
Helper Functions for Common Database Operations

create_lazy_connCreate a lazy connection to a table in a schema
generate_filenameGenerate a file name for a report
get_all_tables_dataGet data from all tables in a schema. Each as a separate...
get_first_nameGet the first name from a full name
get_last_nameGet the last name from a full name
getmodeGet the mode from a vector
get_table_dataGet data from a database table as a 'data.frame'
is.emptyEmpty Value
lazy_conn_all_tablesCreate lazy connections to all tables in a schema as separate...
pipePipe operator
read_files_into_dfRead files from a directory and bind them into a single...
str_to_uuidConvert a string to a uuid by inserting hyphens in the right...
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