Man pages for Azure/AzureDSVM
Create and Manage Azure Data Science Virtual Machine(s) for Convenient Execution of Scalable and Elastic Analytics.

addExtensionDSVMAdd DSVM extension.
checkExtensionDSVMGet information from a VM extension.
costDSVMCalculate cost of using a specific DSVM instance of Azure for...
createComputeInterfaceCreate an compute interface object that handles interaction...
dataConsumptionDSVMGet data consumption of an Azure subscription for a time...
deployDSVMDeploy a new Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM).
deployDSVMClusterDeploy a cluster of Linux Data Science Virtual Machines on...
dumpInterfaceDump the interface configuration.
executeScriptRemote execution of R script in an R interface new_interface.
existsRGCheck if a resource group exists.
fileTransferUpload or download files.
getVMSizesGet available sizes for data science virtual machines.
keyDistributionDistribute public keys across nodes.
mrsOneBoxConfigurationOne box configuration for VM with Microsoft R Server (>= 9.1)
operateDSVMOperations on a data science virtual machine. Available...
setConfigSet configuration for the compute interface object.
updateScriptUpdate a worker script with compute interface object...
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