Man pages for Azure/doAzureParallel

createOutputFileUtility function for creating an output file
deleteJobDelete a job
deleteStorageContainerDelete a storage container from Azure Storage
deleteStorageFileDelete a storage file from a container.
generateClusterConfigCreates a configuration file for the user's cluster setup.
generateCredentialsConfigCreates a credentials file for rAzureBatch package...
getClusterGets the cluster from your Azure account.
getClusterFileGet node files from compute nodes. By default, this operation...
getClusterListGet a list of clusters by state from the given filter
getJobGet a job for the given job id
getJobFileGet job-related files from cluster node. By default, this...
getJobListGet a list of job statuses from the given filter
getJobResultDownload the results of the job
getStorageFileGet a storage file from Azure Storage. By default, this...
listStorageContainersList storage containers from Azure Storage.
listStorageFilesList storage files from Azure storage.
makeClusterCreates an Azure cloud-enabled cluster.
registerDoAzureParallelThe registerDoAzureParallel function is used to register the...
resizeClusterResize an Azure cloud-enabled cluster.
setAutoDeleteJobSpecify whether to delete job and its result after...
setChunkSizeGroups iterations of the foreach loop together per task.
setCredentialsSet azure credentials to R session from credentials object or...
setHttpTrafficSet the verbosity for calling httr rest api calls
setReduceApply reduce function on a group of iterations of the foreach...
setVerboseSet the verbosity for calling httr rest api calls
stopClusterDeletes the cluster from your Azure account.
terminateJobTerminate a job
waitForNodesToCompletePolling method to check status of cluster boot up
waitForTasksToCompleteWait for current tasks to complete
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