Man pages for BAAQMD/CalEnviroScreen

areasTo calculate the area of each (projected) polygon in a...
binnedTo bin percentiles
CA_regionsGeographical boundaries and tract identifiers for major CA...
CA_tractsCalifornia census tracts
CES2_dataCalEnviroScreen 2.0 data
CES2_pctlsCalEnviroScreen 2.0 data, after conversion to percentiles
CES2_percentile_breaksPercentile breaks (inferred from published CES 2.0 data)
CES2_POLLUTION_VARSVariables associated with pollution burden
CES2_POPCHAR_VARSVariables associated with population characteristics
CES2_scoresCalEnviroScreen 2.0 scores
CES2_WEIGHTSRelative weights used to compute CES 2.0 scores
comp_rankCalculate ranks (as in CalEnviroScreen 2.0)
compute_CES2_avg_pctlsTo average CES2 percentiles
compute_CES2_scoresTo compute CES2 scores
compute_CES2_subscoresTo compute CES2 subscores
extract_attrsTo extract attributes from simple KML tables
extract_tableTo extract tables from KML data
IDsTo get the IDs of features in a SpatialPolygons* object
merge.SpatialPolygonsDataFrameMerge a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with a data.frame
normalizeTo normalize a vector
pctlCalculate percentiles (as in CalEnviroScreen 2.0)
read_kmzTo unzip and import the "doc.kml" portion of a KMZ file
reindexTo reindex a data.frame or Spatial*DataFrame (effectively...
weighted_averageTo compute a weighted average
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