Man pages for BAAQMD/strtools
Parse, Format, and Manipulate Strings

fct_prefixPrefix something whilst preserving original sort order
fixed_widthTo format numbers and strings. See help("format") for more...
formatCommasFormat table columns
format_eachFormat numbers, rounding to a given number of digits
format_nonbreakingNon-breaking spaces and hyphens
format_percentageFormat percentages
format_SCCProperly (re)format EPA Source Classification Codes
format_scientificScientific format (Unicode)
format_SIFormat according to SI conventions
helloHello, World!
pack_integersPacked representation of integers (R notation).
parse_integersParse a single character string representing a vector of...
parse_percentageParse percentages, dividing by 100
replace_blankReplace blank character strings with a default value
replace_zeroReplace zeros with a default value
str_beginsDetect strings beginning with some substring
str_csvPaste values together, separated by commas
str_humanizeImprove readability for humans
str_permuteExtract and collapse substrings
str_quoteSurround strings with quotation marks
str_relevelRelevel a character vector
unpack_integersUnpack a vector of "packed integers" (like facility IDs or...
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