Man pages for BIC-MNI/mni.cortical.statistics
Regression analyses on the surface all vertices from a glim matrix
mni.compute.FDRCompute the q value at every vertex
mni.mean.statisticsRun a linear model on the average of a series of cortical... Linear Model Matrix Text File a column from a vertstats file
mni.rows.per.nodeConfigure system for parallel processing of dataset up data for parallel processing of dataset
mni.vertex.anovaPer vertex ANOVA ANOVA comparing two models at each vertex
mni.vertex.mixed.modelPer vertex mixed model regression
mni.vertex.power.analysisCompute the statistical power at every vertex
mni.vertex.statisticsRun a linear model at every vertex of a series of cortical...
mni.write.vertex.statsWrite the output of a vertex statistics run to file
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