Man pages for Bart6114/jug
A Simple Web Framework for R

add_listenerInternal function to add listeners
add_middlewareInternal function to add middleware
auth_basicBasic authentication middleware
collectorCollector function for middlewares
corsAdd cors functionality
decorateConvenience function to decorate existing functions
deleteFunction to add DELETE-binding middleware
ErrorResponse class
getFunction to add GET-binding middleware
includeInclude elsewhere constructed middleware with primary jug...
JugNew jug instance
ListenerMiddleware class
loggerBasic logger
match_pathHelper function to extract regex named capture groups from...
MiddlewareMiddleware class
new_errorCreate response instance
onFunction to add an event listener
parse_paramsParse the params passed by the request
postFunction to add POST-binding middleware
process_test_requestInitialize process of test request
putFunction to add PUT-binding middleware
RawTestRequestGenerate request for testing purposes
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
RequestRequest class
RequestHandlerRequestHandler R6 class definition
ResponseResponse class
serve_itStart serving the jug instance
serve_static_filesMiddleware to serve static files
simple_error_handlerAn error handler middleware which returns a error description...
simple_error_handler_jsonAn error handler middleware which returns a error description...
stop_daemonStop daemonized server
useFunction to add request method insensitive middleware
wsFunction to add websocket handling middleware
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