Man pages for Bart6114/simmer.optim
Parameter Optimization Functions for 'simmer'

assert_avg_waiting_time_maxAssert that average waiting time < max_val
assert_waiting_time_maxAssert that waiting time < max_val
constraints_evaluatorEvaluator for the constraint functions
de_optimA simmer differential evolution optimizer
grid_optimA simmer grid optimizer
method_resultsA helper function to return the results of an optimization...
msr_arrivals_finishedMeasure the number of finished arrivals
msr_arrivals_rejectedMeasure the number of rejected arrivals
msr_resource_capacityMeasure the capacity of a resource type
msr_resource_utilizationMeasure the utilization of a resource type
msr_runtimeMeasure the runtime of the model
objective_evaluatorEvaluator for the objective function
opt_funcValue function generator
optim_controlControl object to configure the optimization procedure
optim_resultsFunction to pass results of simmer evaluation back to the...
par_continuousA parameter vector of type continuous
par_discreteA parameter vector of type discrete
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resultsShow the results of an optimization procedure
run_instanceRun n simmer models
run_optimized(re)run a simmer expression using the optimized parameter...
sa_optimA simmer simulated annealing optimizer
simmer_optimMain entry point for the simmer optimization framework
with_argsHelper function to run objective / constraint functions with...
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