Man pages for BastilleRousseau/lsmnsd
Classify movement strategies using a latent-state model and NSD

bootNSDIterative latent-state model of NSD
breaksCalculating transitions among clusters
ChristianChristian - daily spatial locations
Christian_rjagsLatent-state model applied to Christian
classifyClassify movement strategies
clustNSDLatent-state model of NSD
colVarsPosterior variances
Dist_fctCalculate euclidean distance
lsmnsdlsmnsd: A package for classifying animal movement strategies...
NSD_fctCalculate NSD
plot.boot.clustPlotting boot.clust object mov.clust object mov.clust object
range01Range standardisation (0,1)
rerunRerun clustNSD
simple.clustConvert to mov.clust class
summary.boot.clustSummarizing boot.clust object
summary.clust.classifySummarizing clust.classify object mov.clust object
switch.matrixSwitching probabilties matrix
time.spentCalculating time-spent in cluster
t.plotDiagnostics plots
waicWAIC calculation
ZelfaZelfa - daily spatial locations
Zelfa_rjagsLatent-state model applied to Zelfa
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