Man pages for BigelowLab/stsaav
Standard Time Series Analysis and Visualization

airport_wxAirport weather data at Narsarsuaq, Greenland
draw_topbarDraw the color bar across the top of the figure underneath...
is_continuousDetermine if a stsaav object represents a continuous variable
plot_a_anomPlot the seasonal cycle. Continuous variables are plotted as...
plot_sample_densityPlot the sample density.
plot.stsaavPlot a stsaav object
plot_t_anomPlot the seasonal anomaly
plot_t_cyclePlot the seasonal cycle. Continuous variables are plotted as...
plot_t_ranked_anomPlot the seasonal anomaly
plot_t_seriesPlot the timeseries. Continuous variables are plotted as is...
pretty_mainGenerate a pretty title.
show_exampleShow an example output using the built-in dataset
stsaavConstruct a stsaav class object from a data frame.
stsaav-packageStandard Time Series Analysis and Visualization.
woyConverts Date values to week-of-the-year Values may range...
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