Man pages for BigelowLab/threddscrawler
A limited THREDDS crawler for programmatically navigation THREDDS catalogs

CatalogRefClass-classAn catalogRef representation that subclasses from...
CatalogRefClass_get_catalogRetrieve the top catalog this catalog points to
CatalogRefClass_get_urlRetrieve the URL for a non-collection dataset
DatasetRefClass-classA direct Dataset representation that subclasses from...
DatasetRefClass_GETOverrides the GET method of the superclass. GET is not...
DatasetsRefClass-classA Dataset collection that subclasses from ThreddsNodeRefClass
DatasetsRefClass_get_collectionRetrieve the datasets from a dataset collection
DatasetsRefClass_get_urlRetrieve the URL for a dataset
get_catalogRetrieve a catalog
grepl_itDetermine if a vector of names match the greplargs
is_xmlNodeTest if an object inherits from XML::XMLAbstractNode
parse_nodeConvert a node to an object inheriting from...
ServiceRefClass-classAn Service representation that subclasses from...
ThreddsNodeRefClass-classAn base representation that other nodes subclass from
ThreddsNodeRefClass_GETRetrieve a node of the contents at this nodes URL
ThreddsNodeRefClass_get_urlRetrieve the url of this node (mostly gets an override by...
ThreddsNodeRefClass_unamesRetrieve a vector of unique child names
TopCatalogRef-classAn catalog representation that sublcasses from...
TopCatalogRefClass_get_catalogsGet a list of CatalogRef Children
TopCatalogRefClass_get_datasetsGet a list of Dataset Children
xmlStringConvert XML::xmlNode to character
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