Man pages for Bioconductor/AWSParallel
AWS facilities for parallel evaluation

awsAmiIdGet AWS AMI-ID of the launched instance
awsClusterGet the AWSSnowParam object currently launched. Only one...
awsCredentialsPathGet path to AWS credentials
awsInstanceGet AWS instance attributes in a list
awsInstanceTypeGet AWS Instance type.
awsSecurityGroupGet AWS Security group for the EC2 instance, which defines...
AWSSnowParamAWSSnowParam function to start an AWS EC2-instance cluster
AWSSnowParam-classReference class .AWSSnowParam that allows usage of AWS...
awsSshKeyPairGet the SSH public key path associted to the AWS EC2...
awsSubnetGet AWS Subnet within which the AWS EC2 instance was launched
awsWorkersGet number of workers in the cluster
getAwsAmiIdGet name of bioconductor release version AMI
getAwsRequirementsGet AWS security requirements
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