Man pages for Bioconductor/HDF5Array
HDF5 backend for DelayedArray objects

dump-managementHDF5 dump management
H5ADMatrix-classh5ad central matrices (or matrices in the /layers group) as...
H5ADMatrixSeed-classH5ADMatrixSeed objects
H5File-classH5File objects
h5lsA wrapper to rhdf5::h5ls() that works on H5File objects
h5mreadAn alternative to 'rhdf5::h5read'
h5mread_from_reshapedRead data from a virtually reshaped HDF5 dataset
H5SparseMatrix-classHDF5 sparse matrices as DelayedMatrix objects
H5SparseMatrixSeed-classH5SparseMatrixSeed objects
h5writeDimnamesWrite/read the dimnames of an HDF5 dataset
HDF5Array-classHDF5 datasets as DelayedArray objects
HDF5Array-internalsHDF5Array internals
HDF5ArraySeed-classHDF5ArraySeed objects
ReshapedHDF5Array-classVirtually reshaped HDF5 datasets as DelayedArray objects
ReshapedHDF5ArraySeed-classReshapedHDF5ArraySeed objects
saveHDF5SummarizedExperimentSave/load an HDF5-based SummarizedExperiment object
TENxMatrix-class10x Genomics datasets as DelayedMatrix objects
TENxMatrixSeed-classTENxMatrixSeed objects
writeHDF5ArrayWrite an array-like object to an HDF5 file
writeTENxMatrixWrite a matrix-like object as an HDF5-based sparse matrix
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