API for Bioconductor/RaggedExperiment
Representation of Sparse Experiments and Assays Across Samples

Global functions
RaggedExperiment Man page Source code
RaggedExperiment-class Man page
RaggedExperiment-package Man page
[,RaggedExperiment,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
assay,RaggedExperiment,ANY-method Man page
assay,RaggedExperiment,missing-method Man page
assay-functions Man page
assayNames,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
assay_i Source code
assays Source code
assays,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
bracketSubsetRE Source code
coerce,GRangesList,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
coerce,RaggedExperiment,GRangesList-method Man page
colData,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
colData<-,RaggedExperiment,DataFrame-method Man page
colidx Source code
compactAssay Man page Source code
compactSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
dim Source code
dim,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
dimnames Source code
dimnames,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
dimnames<-,RaggedExperiment,list-method Man page
disjoinAssay Man page Source code
disjoinSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
length,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
mcols Source code
mcols,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
mcols<-,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
overlapsAny,RaggedExperiment,Vector-method Man page
qreduceAssay Man page Source code
qreduceSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
rowData,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowData<-,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowRanges Source code
rowRanges,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowidx Source code
show,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
sparseAssay Man page Source code
sparseSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
stopifnot_simplify_ok Source code
subsetByOverlaps,RaggedExperiment,Vector-method Man page
uranges Source code
valid.RaggedExperiment Source code
valid.RaggedExperiment.idx Source code
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