Man pages for BioinfoMonzino/GARS
GARS: Genetic Algorithm for the identification of Robust Subsets of variables in high-dimensional and challenging datasets

AllPopAccessors for the 'AllPop' slot of a GarsSelectedFeatures...
FitScoreAccessors for the 'FitScore' slot of a GarsSelectedFeatures...
GARSGARS package for a robust feature selection of...
GARS_classesRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_create_rnd_populationCreate a random chromosomes population
GARS_CrossoverPerform the one-point and the two-point Crossover
GARS_data_normRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_ElitismSeparate chromosome on the basis of the Fitness Scores
GARS_FitFunThis function implements the Fitness Function of GARS
GARS_fit_listRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_Fitness_scoreRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_GAThe wrapper fuction to use GARS
GARS_MutationPerform the Mutation step
GARS_PlotFeaturesUsageA bubble chart to assess the usage of each features
GARS_PlotFitnessEvolutionPlot the maximum fitness scores for each generation
GARS_pop_listRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_populRNA-seq dataset for testing GARS
GARS_res_GAA GarsSelectedFeatures object for testing GARS
GarsSelectedFeatures-classThe output class 'GarsSelectedFeatures'
GARS_SelectionPerform the "Roulette Wheel" or the "Tournament" selection
LastPopAccessors for the 'LastPop' slot of a GarsSelectedFeatures...
MatrixFeaturesAccessors for the 'MatrixFeatures' slot of a...
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