Man pages for BiologicalRecordsCentre/sparta
Trend Analysis for Unstructured Data

createWeightsCreate frescalo weights file
dataDiagnosticsData Diagnostics
date2timeperiodAssign dates to time periods
formatOccDataFormat data for Occupancy detection models
frescaloFrescalo trend analysis
gps_latlon2grCovert latitude and longitude to other formats
gr2gps_latlonCovert grid reference to latitude and longitude
htmlSummaryCreate HTML Report
occDetFuncOccupancy detection Function
occDetModelOccupancy detection models
occurrenceChangeCalculate percentage change between two years using Bayesian...
plot_GISPlot GIS shape files
plot.occDetPlot occDet Objects
recsOverTimeHistogram of records over time
reportingRateModelRun Reporting Rate Models
siteSelectionSite selection method
siteSelectionMinLList-length site selection
siteSelectionMinTPMinimum time-period site selection
sparta'sparta' Trend Analysis for Unstructured Data
telferTelfer's change index
unicornsA fictional dataset of unicorn sightings
WSSWell sampled sites model
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