Man pages for BirdStudiesCanada/rNatureCounts
Access and download data on plant and animal populations from NatureCounts

argsCommon arguments for 'nc_data_dl' and 'nc_count'
as_numericConvert to numeric if possible
bcchExample black-capped chickadee data
bdowExample barred owl data
db_connectConnect to or create a SQLite database
db_insertAdd/replace records in a db table from a data frame
filter_createCreate filter list
format_datesAdd date and day-of-year field/columns to data
format_zero_fillZero-fill data
metadata_v_remoteFetch API metadata version
nc_coll_dlDownload all records for a single collection
nc_countDownload information about NatureCounts collections
nc_data_dlDownload NatureCounts data records
nc_data_saveSave/Return the data to data frame or database
nc_metadataUpdate NatureCounts metadata files
nc_requestsCheck on status of data requests
nc_single_dlDownload single set of records for a single collection
pipePipe operator
search_codesGeneric function to match code ids
search_regionFind country, state/province, subnational2, IBA, or BCR codes
search_speciesFind species codes
search_species_codeSearch for bird species id codes by alphanumeric codes
srv_authFetch authorization token
srv_queryQuery NatureCounts server for data
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
to_jsonConvert filter parameters to JSON
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