Man pages for BlasBenito/memoria
Quantifying Ecological Memory in Palaeoecological Datasets and Other Long Time-Series

climateDataframe with palaeoclimatic data.
computeMemoryQuantifies ecological memory with Random Forest.
experimentToTableTurns the outcome of 'runExperiment' into a long table.
extractMemoryFeaturesExtracts ecological memory features on the output of...
mergePalaeoDataMerges palaeoecological datasets with different time...
palaeodataDataframe with pollen and climate data.
palaeodataLaggedLagged data generated by 'prepareLaggedData'.
palaeodataMemoryOutput of 'computeMemory'
plotExperimentPlots the output of 'runExperiment'.
plotInteractionPlots response surfaces for tree-based models.
plotMemoryPlots output of 'computeMemory'
pollenDataframe with pollen counts.
prepareLaggedDataOrganizes time series data into lags.
runExperimentComputes ecological memory patterns on simulated pollen...
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