Man pages for Blaza/ssoftveR
Support Package for Statistical Software End Project

adj_angle_sum_varianceVariance of the sum of adjacent angles
angle_varianceVariance of the angles at vertices
centroid_distance_varianceVariance of the distance from the centroid
classify_shapeClassify a shape
clipClip image border
extract_fieldsExtract fields from an image, given the boundaries
get_boundariesGet coordinates of boundaries of fields
get_field_predictorsCalculate specified predictors for given fields
get_shape_predictorsGet predictors for a shape
get_shapesGet a list of shapes on the image
get_sidesGet sides of shape
get_verticesGet possible vertices
moving_averageSmooth vector using moving averages
plot.shapeFunction for plotting shape objects
rgb2colGet the nearest color name from rgb
shape_from_pixsetMake a 'shape' object from a pixset
shape_predictorsWe'll define a vector of names of predictor functions which...
shiftShift a vector cyclically
side_length_varianceVariance of the lengths of sides (distance between vertices)
slide_matrixSlide a matrix in a given direction
slide_matrix_singleInternal function used to slide a matrix in a single...
solid_blobsFind solid color connected areas in the image
vertex_countNumber of possible vertices
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