Man pages for BoardGameSimulator/HootOwlHoot
Simulates the board game Hoot Owl Hoot!

check_cardCheck the card the player tries to play
check_game_statusCheck Hoot Owl Hoot! game
check_owlCheck to make sure owl is valid
discard_and_drawDiscard a card and draw a new one
move_owlMove an owl to specified location
next_playerUpdates the game state to the next player
play_cardPlay a card
plot_gamePlot a current game state
run_experimentRun a Hoot Owl Hoot! experiment
run_experimentsRun a series of Hoot Owl Hoot! experiments
setup_gameSetup Hoot Owl Hoot! Game
shuffleShuffle cards
simulate_gameSimulate a Hoot Owl Hoot! game
strategy_last_owl_farthestPlay a last-owl-farthest strategy
strategy_last_owl_randomPlay a last-owl-farthest strategy
strategy_randomPlay a random strategy
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