ZoonModel: ZoonModel

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


module developer tool: Create a Zoon model object


ZoonModel(model, code, packages)



a fitted model object to be used for making predictions


code to make predictions from model object to a dataframe newdata containing new covaraite observations. The code must use the objects named model and newdata and no other objects and must return a numeric vector, with the same length as the number of rows in newdata giving predictions on the response scale (e.g. probabilities of presence).


a character vector giving the names of packages needed to run the code zoonModel a zoonModel object


This function is only intended to be used when developing new modules, not for running zoon workflows. Given a zoonModel object returned by a model module using the function ZoonModel, make a prediction to a new dataframe. For an example, see the source code for the module InteractiveMap.


an object of class zoonModel containing all of the information and code required to make predictions, using the function ZoonPredict

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