Man pages for BoulderCodeHub/RWDataPlyr
Read and Manipulate Data from 'RiverWare'

as_rwd_aggCoerce lists, matrices, and data.frames to RiverWare data...
createSlotAggListCreates a list for use by 'getDataForAllScens'.
getArrayPctlGet values at the input exceedance levels for the entire...
getArrayThresholdExceedanceGet values at the input exceedance levels for the entire...
getDataForAllScensGet and aggregate data from an rdf file(s)
getTraceAvgGet the average annual value for each trace
getTraceMaxGet the annual maximum for each trace
getTraceMinGet the annual minimum for each trace
getTraceMonthValGet values that meet a month requirement
getTraceSumGet the annual sum for each trace
is_rdfTest if the object is an rdf
is_rwd_aggTest if the object is a rwd_agg
is_slot_agg_listTest if the object is a slot_agg_list
keyRdfExample rdf file with monthly data.
rbind.rwd_aggCombine RiverWare data aggregators
rdf_aggregateAggregate RiverWare output for one or more scenarios
rdf_get_slotGet a slot out of an rdf object
rdf_get_timespanReturns the simulation timespan from an rdf
rdf_slot_namesReturns all slots contained in an rdf file.
rdfSlotToXTSGet one slot out of an rdf list and put it in an XTS object
rdf_to_rwtblConvert an rdf to a tibble
read.rdfRead an rdf file into R.
read_rw_csvRead RiverWare/RiverSMART produced csv files
read_rwd_aggRead in a rwd_agg file
rwd_aggClass to specify how to aggregate RiverWare data
rwd_agg_templateCreate a 'rwd_agg' template
RWDataPlyr-packageRWDataPlyr: Read and Manipulate Data from 'RiverWare'
rw_scen_gen_namesCreate a vector of scenarios from different dimensions
rwslot_aggsSimple aggregation functions for monthly matrix data
rwtbl_get_scen_folderMap a scenario name to the original scenario folder
rwtbl_slot_namesList the slot names in a tbl_df
rwtbl_var_to_slotMap a variable name to the RiverWare slot name
scen_dataExample aggregated scenario data
slot_agg_listA class to control how RiverWare data are aggregated
sysRdfExample rdf file with annual data.
ym_get_wateryearGet the water year from a year-month (yearmon) value
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