Man pages for BruceKendall/PVA
Population viability analysis in R

AICcCorrected AIC
checkerspotBay Checkerspot Butterfly Population Data
count.DD.PVACount-Based Density-Dependent PVA
count.DI.PVACount-Based Density-Independent PVA
demo_cdf_RickerExtinction risk demo: Ricker model
demo_cdf_SEGExtinction risk demo: Stochastic Exponential Growth model
demo_sim_RickerStochastic Ricker model demo
demo_sim_SEGStochastic Exponential Growth model demo
dmmCreate a Demographic Matrix Model
dmm.PVARun a Demographic PVA
estimate_SEG_paramsEstimate SEG model parameters
ext.conf.cumExtract Confidence Levels for Extinction Risk
extractVRsExtract vital rates from time series of Comadre/Compadre...
ext.riskCreate an ext.risk Object
extRiskRickerCalculate a CDF of quasi-extinction risk for the Ricker model
extRiskSEGCalculate a CDF of quasi-extinction risk for the SEG model
grizzlyYellowstone Grizzly Bear Population Data
pinvGaussInverse Gaussian distribution
plot.ext.riskPlot Method for ext.risk Objects
print.ext.riskPrint Method for ext.risk Objects
PVA-packagePopulation Viability Analysis
rbeta2Generate random number(s) from a beta distribution with...
sealionNorthern Sea Lion Demographic Data
sim.BevertonSimulate the Stochastic Beverton-Holt Model
sim.delaySimulate the Stochastic Delay-Ricker Model
sim.logisticSimulate the Stochastic Logistic Model
sim.RickerSimulate the Stochastic Ricker Model
sim.thetaSimulate the Stochastic Theta-Logistic Model
simulateRickerSimulate one or more time series from the stochastic Ricker...
simulateSEGSimulate a time series from the stochastic exponential growth...
subsetDB2Extract subset from a compadre/comadre object
vrstatsCalculate vital rate stats for use in vitalsim
vrtomatReconstitute matrix from vital rates
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