Man pages for BruceZhaoR/pjutils
Pingjia data calculation tools

aucArea under the ROC curve (AUC)
binarySearchGet the position of x in vector y
binary_search_cppBinary search cpp version
cal_gps_distCalculate earth distance between two points gps longitude and...
cal_user_coefA big wrapper of get user insurance discount coef.
coordinate_transformCoordinate transform
fill_naFill NA with the last no-NA value generic.
fmt_gps_jsonGenerate GPS lines data for echarts
get_scoreGet the score of a risk factor according to the given config.
pjutilspjutils: Utils for data calculation and analysis.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rf2scoreRaw risk factors value to score.
sum_rf_scoreSum every risk factor score
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