Man pages for BrunoDaleffi/CrawlerCarf
A web scraper for the CARF system

classificador_turmaConsolidate pages, decisions, and comprot
classificador_turma_Get informations about section of a lawsuit
consolidateConsolidate pages, decisions, and comprot
consolidate_appealsConsolidate appeals
consolidate_chambersConsolidate chambers
consolidate_decisionsConsolidate decisions
consolidate_originsConsolidate origins
consolidate_rapporteursConsolidate rapporteurs
consolidate_resultsConsolidate results
consolidate_statesConsolidate states (UF)
consolidate_taxesConsolidate taxes
consolidate_votesConsolidate votes
definitionDefinition operator
download_decisionDownload CARF decisions
download_decision_Download CARF decision
download_decision_periodDownload all CARF decisions from a period
download_decision_yearDownload all CARF decisions from a year
download_decision_year_Download a decision form a page
download_lawsuitDownload lawsuits from the CARF website
download_lawsuit_Auxiliary function to download one lawsuit
download_lawsuit_newRemasterized download_lawsuits function
download_lawsuit_v2remasterized auxiliary function to download one lawsuit
download_page_yearDownload all lawsuits form a page
download_pdfAuxiliary function for downloading attachments
download_whos_whoDownload CARF's "Who's Who" ("Quem e Quem")
get_comprotGet lawsuits' comunication and protocol data (comprot)
get_comprot_Get the comprot data for one lawsuit
get_viewstateAuxiliary function to get viewstate from response
jurisprudence_originsInformation about possible origins for CARF decisions
parse_decisionParse jurisprudence decisions and pages from...
parse_decision_Parse jurisprudence decision
parse_decision_pageAuxiliary function to call [parse_div()] for each div
parse_divParse each div from a page
parse_lawsuitParser for CARF lawsuit files
pipePipe operator
puxa_pdf_Get information about pdf lawsuit
rapporteur_dataInformation about rapporteurs
rapporteur_golivaInformation about rapporteurs from the Goliva dataset
read_whos_whoRead CARF's "Who's Who" ("Quem e Quem") file
split_lenAuxiliary function for spliting a string at certain points
year_postHelper funcion for making download_year_*()-related POST...
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