Man pages for C3S/GEMATariff
Calculate GEMA tariffs

dancefloorDefine a dancefloor
GEMA.dancefloor-classS4 Class GEMA.dancefloor
GEMA.gig-classS4 Class GEMA.gig
GEMA.invoice-classS4 Class GEMA.invoice
GEMA.invoice_m_cd-classS4 Class GEMA.invoice_m_cd
GEMA.invoice_u_k-classS4 Class GEMA.invoice_u_k
GEMA.invoice_u_t-classS4 Class GEMA.invoice_u_t
GEMA.liveclub-classS4 Class GEMA.liveclub
GEMATariff-packageThe GEMATariff Package
gigDefine a live concert
liveclubDefine a live club
plot-methodsPlot method for objects of class GEMA.dancefloor
show-methodsShow methods for GEMATariff objects
tariff-methodsS4 methods to calculate tariffs for given dancefloors
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