Man pages for CCMH-PSU/CCMHr
CCMH Data Cleaning

ccaps34_cutsCreate CCAPS-34 cut points
ccaps62_cutsCreate CCAPS-62 cut points
center_data_each_yearSelecting only centers who contributed data for all years.
check_CCAPSCheck CCAPS item values
check_CLICCCLICC Variable Check
check_column_classesCheck column class equality across two data frames
check_SDSCheck SDS item values
check_varnamesCheck variable Names
create_coursesCreate courses of therapy within data
first_presentExtract first non-NA values
freqtabFrequency table
last_presentExtract the last non-NA value
loadRDaload .RDa file into new object name
pipePipe operator
score_CCAPSScore the CCAPS subscales from CCAPS items
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