Man pages for CIAssetManagement/QuantTools
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BondPricePrice of a Bond
ConvexityConvexity of a Bond
fechas_inflacionDates for inflation
get_bondsGet Bonds
get_contrato_returnsreturns of the total valuation per contrato
get_fondosFetch holdings data
get_indicesGet Indices
get_positionFetch holdings data
get_pricesGet Prices
get_ratesGet Rates
Inflacion1Inflation rate over a given period of time
MacaulayDurationMacaulay Duration of a Bond
ModifiedDurationModified Duration of a Bond
PortfolioConvexityConvexity of a Bond Portfolio
PortfolioDurationModified Duration of a Bond Portfolio
PriceChangePrice Change of a Bond
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
RiskValuesHistorical VaR and CVaR of a Security's Portfolio
seq_DateSequence of Dates
summarize_positionSummary statistics for holdings data
VaR_BondPriceChangeGenerates a Price Path for a Bond that is used to calculate...
YTMYield to Maturity of a Bond
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