Man pages for CIP-RIU/fbcheck
Web Interface for Data Quality and Processing

fbapp2hidapFieldBookApp Data Processing ———-
fbcheck_serverServer component for traittools in fbcheck
fbcheck_server_sbaseServer component for traittools and data quality for...
fbcheck_uiUI for traittools Returns user friendly ui
fbcheck_ui_sbaseUI for traittools and data quality for HIDAP-SweetPotatoBase...
form_checkerOrganoleptic form checker
form_parametersGet form parameters from PVS forms
get.fb.paramFunction to obtain parameter from fieldbook
get_pvs_paramFunction to obtain parameter from Participatory Varietal...
hidap2fbAppFieldBookApp Data Processing ———-
out_form_tableoutput of the organoletic form in a table
rhandsontable_updateUpdate rhandsontable
scale_traitFunction for scale trait conditions
selcriteriaSelection Criteria Data for HiDAP
split_tidy_formSplit organoleptic forms
trait_typeFunction for trait type
x_formGet x values from PVS forms
x_valuesReturn 'x' values (marks made by farmers in organoleptic...
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