Man pages for CSHS-hydRology/CSHShydRology
Canadian hydrological analyses

axis_doyGenerates the x axis for day of year
Basic_data_manipulations-methodsBasic data manipulation functions
binned_MannWhitneyCompares two time periods of data using Mann-Whitney test
booth_plotCreate a Booth plot of peaks over a threshold
CSHShydRology-packageFunctions for Canadian hydrological analyses
cut_blockCuts a block in time from a time series
date_subsetSubset date by String This function subsets a data frame by...
doysDays of year and water year
fdcurvePlot Flow Duration Curve
flow_rasterRaster plot of streamflows
flow_raster_qaRaster plot of streamflows with WSC quality flags
flow_raster_trendRaster plot and simple trends of observed streamflows
get_peaksExtracts peak flows over a threshold
get_wscstationReads station information from a data file produced by ECDE...
hydrograph_plotPlot hydrographs
polar_plotPolar plot of daily streamflows
polar_plot_prepCreates a data structure to be passed to 'polar_plot'.
read_ECDE_flowsReads a file of WSC daily flows from ECDataExplorer Reads in...
regime_plotPlots the regime of daily streamflows
sliceConverts doy or dwy into a factor that is used to bin data
StatisticalHydrology-methodsStatistical analysis functions
sub_set_YearsHelper function for selecting points for an axis so not all...
Visualization-methodsVisualization functions
wtr_yrDesignation of the water year
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