Man pages for CT-Data-Haven/acsprofiles
Generate Profiles from ACS Data

all_geo_tableMake ACS table for several geos
arrange_est_moeArrange estimate and MOE
calc_acs_tableCalculate ACS table
get_town_namesGet list of town names
hfd_tractsHartford, CT neighborhoods by tract
make_neighborhoodCreate neighborhood geography
make_regional_geoCreate regional geography
make_years_for_trendGet years available in Census API
neighborhood_tableMake ACS table for list of neighborhoods
nhv_neighborhoodsNew Haven, CT neighborhoods by tract and block group
nhv_tractsNew Haven, CT neighborhoods by tract only
regional_tableMake ACS table for a region of towns
regionsRegions of towns in Connecticut
w_hfd_tractsWest Hartford, CT neighborhoods by tract
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