Rate Comparison

An R-Shiny tool to easily understand and compare the revenue, equity, and demand implications of different water rate structures.

This is an open project of the California Data Collaborative, developed in partnership with the Moulton Niguel Water District and ARGO Labs.

In Action

A live demo of the tool is available here. This demo uses public water use data from the City of Santa Monica.

a screenshot of the tool

Getting Started

It's easy to get the tool running locally using data from the City of Santa Monica*,

  1. Ensure that R is installed.

  2. Install any R package dependencies.

  3. Clone this repository.

  4. Copy the three files in the smc_example directory into the data directory.

  5. Run the Shiny app, either from the command line or using the "Run App" button from within RStudio.

*The data provided in this github has been modified by dropping unneeded columns and by renaming others.

How to contribute

Please see the issues page for ideas or reach out to find out more.

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