Man pages for CarlBoneri/roxydoc2
Helps document R packages properly.

dirs.setup_shellBuild a directory structure
docr.authorBuild an RD formatted Author line
docr.clean_funBuild a clean and set-formatted function
docr.defaultsPersistent global options for the docr family
docr.defaults_promptConsole prompting for docr default option settings
docr.describe_dfBuild an RD formatted output of a dataframe object
docr.example_dfPrint a data frame for RD documentation in examples
docr.familySet a formatted family name
docr.freetypeMove all docr files into the working projects revdep folder
docr.funFormetting for functions in alternate packages
docr.get_defaultsExtract the global options associated with docr user
docr.has_defaultsCheck if the default options have been set
docr.install_r_onlyBuild only R files for the docr package from github source...
docr.listCreate an RD list from an R list
docr.make_licenseGenerate a LICENSE formatted to Rd specs
docr.meta_privateThis is a boilerplate meta template for working with private...
docr.meta_publicBoilerplate header meta for scripts and source code for...
docr.paramGenerate preformatted param roxygen lines from a function...
docr.remote_sourceDOCR source files from github repo
docr.txtText formatting helpers for RD documentation
docr.urlCreate a formatted url and automatically append the page...
docr.wrapProperly wrap free-hand RD text
env.clear_consoleClean all lines out of the console.
env.clear_funsClear all created functions from an environment
env.clear_objectsFunction for clearing all objects from cache in a session
env.idxFunction to index every object in an environment or namespace
env.newFunction to create new environments
env.restartRestart the rsession from a function call
env.trueCheck for the environment
files.downloadDownload a file from the internet and copy to a local...
files.unzipDownload and unzip a file from the internet or other external...
find.firstStartup and global utilities
git.recursiveRecursively extract the symbolic links to all github...
grab_argsArg helper
poundCreate a string of #
shhA wrapper to make everything silent
url.okHTTP/HTTPS check
vargs.is_qoutedCheck if an object variable is character encoded
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