Man pages for Carldeboer/BrockmanR
K-mer-based analysis of chromatin state.

bestMotifPerTFTake best motif per TF
cisbpConversion of the CIS-BP motif database to k-mer space.
doKMerPCAk-mer PCA+tSNE
dropSimilarMotifsDrop any motifs that appear to be redundant
findDistinguishingPCsFind distinguishing PCs
getKMerTFEnrichmentGet TF motif enrichment for given gkm-PCs
inputKMerFreqsInputs k-mer frequencies
makeEnrichmentGraphMakes an enrichment graph for a sorted binary vector
makeEnrichmentGraphForPCMake a graph showing enrichment of a motif within a PC
minHGDo a minimum hyper-geometric test
preferDirectTake directly determined motifs where available
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