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This is an example R package project that uses code written in Java.

For a concise introduction to rJava, read "Documentation" section on the webpage of the rJava project .


The goal of this project is to show the following things.


Note that in order to be able to build the project, you need to have all R packages listed in the Imports section of the DESCRIPTION file installed in the system.

Some issues


If you get a cryptic error message while running the tests similar to the one below:

Error in ._jobjRef_dollar(x[["jobj"]], name) :
  no field, method or inner class called 'calls'
Calls: <Anonymous> ... expectation_error -> $ -> $.Throwable -> ._jobjRef_dollar

this might mean that the version of Java that the source files were compiled for is incompatible with the Java version configured in R environment. The version of Java for the source files is set in java/number-adder/pom.xml while version of Java used in R environment is set using R CMD javareconf command.

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