Man pages for CenterForStatistics-UGent/unifiedWMWqPCR
Unified Wilcoxon-Mann Whitney Test for testing differential expression in qPCR data

as.matrix.uwmwEstimateS3 method as.matrix for uwmwEstimate objects.
as.matrix.uwmwResS3 method as.matrix for uwmwRes objects.
forestplot-methodsMaking a forest plot of the results of uWMW
getEstimate-methodsExtract logor, or, odds and percentages from a uwmwRes object
NBdataDocumentation for the dataset NBdata
plotQuick forest plot of significantly up- and downregulated...
sort_uwmwResSort and order method for uWMWRes objects
unifiedWMWqPCR-packageUnified Wilcoxon-Mann Whitney Test for qPCR data.
uwmw_AccessorsExtract info from uwmwRes and uwmwEstimate objects
uwmwEstimate-classThe class uwmwEstimate
uwmw_ExtractExtract data from uwmwRes and uwmwEstimate objects.
uWMW-methodsThe unified Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test for qPCR data
uwmwRes-classClass uwmwRes
volcanoparParameters used for the function volcanoplot
volcanoplot-methodsMake a volcano plot of the outcome of a uWMW test
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