Man pages for ChadGoymer/githapi
User-friendly access to the GitHub API for R, consistent with the tidyverse

blobs_existDetermine whether blobs exist in the specified repository.
branches_existDetermine whether branches exist in the specified repository.
commits_existDetermine whether commits exist in the specified repository.
compare_commitsCompare two commits
compare_filesCompare the files of two commits
create_blobsCreate blobs (files).
create_branchesCreate branches at specified commits.
create_cardCreate a card in a GitHub project
create_columnCreate a column in a GitHub project
create_commitCreate a commit
create_filesCreate a new files
create_projectCreate a GitHub project
create_releasesCreate releases at specified commits.
create_repositoryCreate a repository for a user or organization
create_tagsCreate tags at specified commits.
create_teamCreate a team in a GitHub organization
create_treeCreate a tree.
delete_branchesDelete branches.
delete_cardDelete a card in a GitHub project
delete_collaboratorRemove a collaborator from a repository, project or...
delete_columnDelete a column in a GitHub project
delete_filesDelete files.
delete_membershipRemove a member from an organization or team.
delete_projectDelete a GitHub project
delete_releasesDelete releases.
delete_repositoryDelete a user or organization repository
delete_tagsDelete tags.
delete_teamDelete a team in GitHub
download_commitDownload the contents of a commit
download_filesDownload files and save them to a location
files_existDetermine whether files exist in the specified commit.
gh_assetGet a single release asset
gh_assetsList assets for a release
gh_assigneesList assignees for issues in a repository
gh_branchGet information about a branch
gh_branchesGet information about all the head commits in each branch
gh_cardGet a project card
gh_cardsList project cards
gh_collaboratorsList collaborators
gh_columnGet a project column
gh_columnsList project columns
gh_commitGet information about a commit
gh_commit_commentGet a single commit comment
gh_commit_commentsList comments for a single commit or entire repository
gh_commitsGet information about all the history of commits
gh_commit_shaGet the SHA-1 of a commit reference
gh_compare_commitsCompare two commits
gh_compare_filesCompare the files of two commits
gh_contentsGet contents of a file
gh_contributersList contributors
gh_downloadDownload the entire tree from a commit
gh_download_binaryDownload a binary file from GitHub
gh_eventGet a single event
gh_eventsList events for an issue or all issues in a repository
gh_findFind an entity by matching a property value
gh_getSend a http GET request to the specified GitHub url
gh_gistGet a single gist
gh_gist_commentGet a single comment
gh_gist_commentsList comments on a gist
gh_gist_commitsList gist commits
gh_gist_forksList gist forks
gh_gistsList a user's gists, or all public or starred gists
gh_git_blobGet a blob
gh_git_commitGet a commit
gh_git_referenceGet a reference
gh_git_referencesGet all references
gh_git_tagGet an annotated tag
gh_git_treeGet a tree
gh_issueGet a single issue
gh_issue_commentGet a single issue comment
gh_issue_commentsList comments on an issue
gh_issuesList issues for a repository
gh_labelGet a single label
gh_labelsList all labels for an issue, milestone or repository
gh_languagesList languages
gh_membersGet Organization or team members list
gh_membershipGet organization and team membership
gh_membershipsList your organization memberships
gh_milestoneGet a single milestone
gh_milestonesList milestones for a repository
gh_organizationGet an organization
gh_organizationsList organizations
gh_pageGet multiple pages from the GitHub API
gh_permissionsReview a user's permission level
gh_projectGet a project
gh_projectsList organization or repository projects
gh_pull_commentGet a single pull request review comment
gh_pull_commentsList review comments on a pull request or all pull requests...
gh_pull_commitsList commits on a pull request
gh_pull_filesList pull requests files
gh_pull_requestGet a single pull request
gh_pull_requestsList pull requests
gh_pull_reviewGet a single review
gh_pull_review_requestsList pull request review requests
gh_pull_reviewsList reviews on a pull request
gh_readmeGet the README
gh_releaseGet a single release
gh_releasesList releases for a repository
gh_repositoriesGet information about a user's, organization's or team's...
gh_repositoryGet information about a repository
gh_requestSend an HTTP request to the GitHub API
gh_saveDownload files and save them to a location
gh_save_gistSave files in a gist
gh_sourceSource an R file
gh_source_gistSource an R file from a gist
gh_tagsGet information about all the tags in a repository
gh_teamGet team
gh_teamsList teams
gh_tokenGet a token for accessing GitHub
gh_urlBuild the URL for the GitHub API
gh_userGet a single user
gh_user_emailList email addresses for the authenticated user
gh_user_issuesList issues assigned to the authenticated user
gh_usersGet all users
githapiUser-friendly access to the GitHub API for R, consistent with...
githapi-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package githapi.
is_branchChecks whether the input is a valid branch
is_collaboratorCheck if a user is a collaborator
is_gist_starredCheck if a gist is starred
is_managerCheck if a team manages a repository
is_memberCheck membership
is_pull_mergedGet if a pull request has been merged
is_repoChecks whether the supplied object is a valid repository name
is_repositoryCheck whether the input is a valid repository
is_shaChecks whether the supplied object is a valid SHA
is_tagCheck whether the input is a valid tag
is_valid_shaCheck whether the input is a valid SHA-1
read_filesRead the contents of text files
releases_existDetermine whether releases exist in the specified repository.
shas_existDetermine whether commit SHAs exist in the specified...
source_filesSource R files from a GitHub repository
tags_existDetermine whether tags exist in the specified repository.
trees_existDetermine whether a tree exists in the specified repository.
update_branchesUpdate branches to new commits.
update_cardUpdate a card in a GitHub project
update_collaboratorUpdate collaborators for a repository or project
update_columnUpdate a column in a GitHub project
update_filesUpdate existing files
update_membershipUpdate membership of an organization or team
update_organizationUpdate an organization's properties in GitHub
update_projectUpdate a GitHub project
update_releasesUpdate releases to new commits.
update_repositoryUpdate a user or organization repository
update_tagsUpdate tags to new commits.
update_teamUpdate a team's properties in GitHub
update_userUpdate your user properties in GitHub
upload_blobsUpload blobs (files).
upload_commitUpload a directory of files and create a commit on a branch
upload_treeUpload a tree from a directory
view_blobsView information about Git blobs (files)
view_branchesView information about branches
view_cardsView cards within a GitHub project
view_collaboratorsView collaborators in an organization, repository or project
view_columnsView columns within a GitHub project
view_commitsView information about Git commits.
view_filesView information about a files
view_historyGet information about the history of commits
view_membershipsView membership of organizations or teams
view_organizationsView organizations in GitHub
view_projectsView GitHub projects
view_releasesView information about a releases
view_repositoriesView repositories for a user or organization
view_shasLook up the SHA-1 of commit references
view_tagsView information about a tags
view_teamsView teams in an organization in GitHub
view_treesView information about Git trees
view_usersView users in GitHub
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