Man pages for ChandlerLutz/CLmisc
Chandler Lutz's Miscellaneous R functions

CLmisc-packageMiscellaneous Functions by Chandler Lutz
create_time_trendsFast creatation of time trends
detach_all_packagesDetach all but base packages in R
dummy_colsFast creation of dummy variables
dummy_rowsFast creation of dummy rows
felm_broom_tidytidy felm output using data.table
list_packages_in_folderList all of the packages used in a folder of R scripts
pipe_testTest in a 'magrittr' pipe
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select_by_refSelect columns in a data.table by reference
split_blocksTo create the blocks for bootstrapping
summarizingConvenient functions for summarizing a 'data.table'.
weighted_ntileWeighted (ranked) quantiles
weighted_quantileWeighted quantile
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